To create a culture of racial equity in your organization, you should start with an important piece - increasing diversity ‰ÛÒ but where do you begin? Lack of diversity is often treated as a recruiting issue, yet the challenge runs deeper than the myth of the ‰ÛÏtalent pipeline.‰Û At its core lies an organizational culture rooted in systemic racism. With the lack of diversity, inclusion, and equity at the forefront of our workforce and national dialogue, and with demographics shifting towards racial diversity, organizations must confront the true nature of this challenge, face the bias implicit to our institutions, and commit to adopting policies and practices that create a culture of inclusion and equity. In this session, we will engage and support leaders for bold conversation on the cases, tactics, and tools that will drive action to combat structural racism in the nonprofit sector. Leaders from across the country will participate in an interactive forum that promotes peer learning and empowers participants to move from intention to action as they address the adaptive challenge of shifting organizational culture toward inclusion and equity.