Recovery Support Services Supervisor
Washington State Health Care Authority

Ms. Melodie Pazolt has over 30 years experience in community rehabilitation with both people with mental illness and people with developmental disabilities. She has operated 15 independent grants/contracts in conjunction with direct services to consumers of mental health services, in addition to managing the activities of a core mental health funded employment program. She was the manager of the Columbia River Mental Health Services Clearview Employment Program, supervising over 30 full time staff who operate MH employment programs, welfare to work programs, MH, DD, VR, and WIA contract services, multiple and federal grants serving youth and adults with disabilities, as well as individual who are homeless. Prior to her position at DSHS – DBHR, she worked for the Clark County Department of Community Services as the Consumer and Stakeholder Affairs Manager. Ms. Pazolt is currently the Recovery Support Services Supervisor for the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery. Ms. Pazolt brings an understanding of not only the issues that face individuals with behavioral health challenges but an overall understanding of the various systems that may be involved in that person’s life.

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