Leadership and Culture Consultant
Human Wellness

Growing up in a family of wellness and organizational development pioneers, Jade was the original guinea pig for the foundations of what later became the first graduate degree program in transformative leadership and social change in the U.S. Using these skills from the arenas of ontology, biology and cognition alongside her clinical acupuncture practice gives her a particularly practical and physiologically grounded skills-based approach to culture and leadership design. 

Jade's favorite work is in the arena of empowering more effective living and leadership through listening to the body.  Her unique skill is in teaching individuals and groups to notice and activate their physiology towards leadership- thus naturally away from stuckness or "stress" patterns. 

Jade has worked with leaders and groups from Pepsi, FINRA, NSA, Accenture, Lockheed Martin, FDA amongst others in the arenas of leadership, communication, mindfulness, safety and corporate culture development.  She's also a proud high school dropout and coordinates 500 acupuncture treatments/week for, a community based resource center in the financially blighted west baltimore neighborhood.  Her work in leadership development supports a triple- bottom line social change for people, profit and planet. 

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