Director of Crisis Teams
HELP of Southern Nevada

Louis was born in Athens Greece as his father was in the military serving overseas. Louis grew up in Las Vegas and in his younger years was a professional musician until serious substance abuse issues caused an end to that career. Louis eventually found himself homeless on the streets of Las Vegas until he ended up in rehab. He was subsequently able to receive treatment for his addiction and eventually was offered an opportunity to work for the facility. He was able to go back to school and eventually became the district manager of the facility. Eventually he left to work for US Vets Las Vegas for five years working with the homeless Veteran population. In 2007 Louis was hired by HELP of Southern Nevada. He has worked in several different capacities including case management, Substance Abuse Support, as the Program Manager at the Shannon West Homeless Youth Center and then with the Mobile Crisis Intervention Team as the Program Manager. Louis is now the Director of Crisis Teams and oversees three different programs that conduct street outreach which delivers a multitude of services to our homeless population in Las Vegas.

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