Ann Howard
Executive Director
Ending Community Homelessness Coalition, Inc.


Ann Howard is the first Executive Director of the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO) in Austin, Travis County; she has held the position since October of 2011 and now employs 22 people in the effort to end homelessness. After 1 year of Ann's leadership, the Texas Homeless Network named ECHO the Outstanding Coalition in the State.

Since then, ECHO has garnered the support of partner agencies and community leaders, as well as, public and private funders to transform the response to homelessness. Austin non-profits now triage all clients experiencing homelessness to match them with appropriate housing and services, prioritizing the most vulnerable clients first. ECHO stakeholders reached an effective end to Veteran homelessness and in December, exceeded goals set in a 100-Day Challenge to tackle youth homelessness. This success helped ECHO secure a $5.2M demonstration grant from HUD that will reshape how Austin prevents and ends homelessness for youth and young adults. Ann has increased and diversified ECHO’s funding to include federal, state and local government contracts, and private contributions from foundations across the country- including $1.3M to support Texas’s first Pay for Success funding model to scale up Permanent Supportive Housing.

Ann’s leadership is felt throughout the Austin community. She participated on the Mayor's Task Force on the Innovation Zone, and currently with the Psychiatric Stakeholders Committee and the Housing Works Board of Directors as an advisory member. Ann was an active leader in the city-wide campaign to pass the recent $65M Affordable Housing Bonds and City Resolutions to dedicate proceeds from a downtown Austin Density program to support housing first PSH and to set a new goal to build 400 units of permanent supportive housing. Last month, City leadership endorsed an Action Plan to End Homelessness and is discussing ways to identify dedicated funding streams to ensure adequate funding exists so that homelessness can be rare, short-term, and non-recurring in Austin.