Staff Attorney
Gillian Morshedi is a Staff Attorney for HomeBase, a non-profit, public policy law firm dedicated to building community capacity to end homelessness and reduce poverty. Gillian's primary areas of focus and expertise are Coordinated Entry planning, development, and implementation; strategic planning and facilitation; and housing and healthcare coordination and integration, including building partnerships and leveraging mainstream health and other resources to better serve people with housing and behavioral and primary health needs. She was the primary Staff Attorney responsible for designing, planning, producing, and facilitating the Housing and Healthcare Systems Integration (H2) action planning sessions held in 20 states around the nation in 2014-2016, as well as overseeing and delivering implementation support for all 20 communities. Gillian also assists with CoC/HEARTH/HMIS legislation, regulation, and implementation by conducting direct technical assistance in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Honolulu, and other communities.